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Shadows Of Liberty reveals the extraordinary money and power behind the news media dictating censorship, cover‐ups and corporate control.

Filmmaker Jean‐Philippe Tremblay takes an intrepid journey through the dark corridors of the American media landscape where global conglomerates call the shots. For decades their overwhelming influence has distorted journalism and compromised its values.

In highly revealing stories, renowned journalists, activists and academics give insider accounts of a broken media system. Controversial news reports are suppressed, people are censored for speaking out, and lives are shattered as the arena for public expression is turned into a private profit zone.

Tracing the story of media manipulation through the years, Shadows Of Liberty poses a crucial question: why have we let a handful of powerful private corporations write the news? We’re left in no doubt, ‘…what will save us is when we really know what’s going on, media not filtered through the lens or the microphone of a corporation.’ Amy Goodman



Director/ Producer / Writer

Jean-Philippe is from Jonquière, Québec, and has recently settled in Montreal after living abroad for 14 years. His first feature film as writer, director, & producer is Shadows Of Liberty, it’s been presented in 30 International film festivals, it toured independently in all 50 US States, it has been distributed in 25 territories, & nominated for a number of awards including most valuable documentary of the year at Cinema For Peace, Berlin, Germany, 2013. Jean-Philippe graduated with a B.A. Law and Film Studies from Carleton University 1995, & in 2006 he completed an MA Film Production at the London Film School where his graduation film was selected at the 50th London Film Festival. That same year, he joined Doc Factory, a branch of The Bertha Foundation, as one of three directors until 2015. The Canada Arts Council awarded him intensive film apprenticeship grant at the S.A.W. Video Media Arts Centre & in 1998 he was awarded a JumpstART grant for his short film Rock Bottom Fill. Jean-Philippe was a motion picture professional grip & gaffer from 1998 to 2001. In 1996 he created an independent documentary project entitled Journey about his extensive travels through South East Asia, and later through Pakistan called Passage, & South America called Flight. He is working on new film projects including a feature film inspired by Shadows Of Liberty in partnership with Iambic Dream Films and GPA-Films. Jean-Philippe runs Studio De Grand-Pré collective with his wife & photographer, Liv Mann-Tremblay, and their baby boy, Janou.


Co-writer / Co-producer

Daniel Cantagallo AB ’02 has specialized in cutting edge documentary films as an editor, producer and sales agent. A graduate of Harvard University and the London Film School, he co-produced/co-wrote Shadows of Liberty as well as produced for Ondi Timoner’s A Total Disruption documentary web-series. He is responsible for development, sales and acquisitions at Cargo Film whose latest releases include SEED: The Untold Story, Shingal, Where Are You? and To Be A Miss.


Director of Photography

Jafa’s cinematography includes, Daughters of the Dust, Julie Dash, (for which he won the cinematography award at the Sundance Film Festival; Seven Songs for Malcolm X, John Akomfrah; Crooklyn, Spike Lee, Conakry Kas, Manthia Diawara, Meet the Eye, Aida Ruilova.

His writing has been published in various publications such as Black Popular Culture, edited by Gina Dent and Everything But the Burden, edited by Greg Tate.

He has exhibited art at the Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art; Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art Since, Contemporary Art Museum-Houston, Texas.

He has directed several films including Slowly This, Tree, Deshotten 1.0.



Award-winning film editor specialising in fictional and documentary features. Credits include Senna, McLibel, Homeland, Drowned Out. Senna was awarded two Cinema BAFTAs – Best Documentary and Best Editing.



Jenhudson has a dual career as a film composer and a psychiatrist. He scored the BAFTA-nominated Love You Joseff Hughes, and has written music for numerous other award-winning films. In 2011 Tandis composed the soundtrack for the feature-length film Little Stars of Bethlehem, narrated by Stephen Fry.

Directed, Produced, and Written by
Jean-Philippe Tremblay
Executive Producers
Co-writer, Co-producer
Daniel Cantagallo
William Robinson
Film Editor
Gregers Sall
Tandis Jenhudson
Director of Photography
Arthur Jafa
Kerry Shale
Production Managers
Zeynep Yildiz
Peter Barker
Christian Gill
Post Production Supervisor
Sahil Gill
David Miller
Jonathan Page
Jo Stone
Archive Producers
Karen Walsh
Paul Bell
Archive Researchers
David Studwell
Jonathan Page
Editorial Consultant
John Akomfrah
Production Consultants
Lina Gopaul
David Lawson
Location Sound Recorder
Trevor Mathison
Post Production
DI Film Consultant
Justin Lanchbury
Post Production Managers
Andrew Dearnley
Kerry Shelton
Andrew Daniel
Online Editor
Gareth Parry
Re-Recording Mixer
George Foulgham
Assistant Re-Recording Mixers
Nicholas Ashe
Nas Parkash
Sound Design
Robin Green
DI Supervisor
Matt James
Supervising DI Conform Editor
Steve Knight
DI Conform Editors
Francois Kamffer
Jamie Welsh
Jat Patel
Theresa Crooks
Digital Film Technicians
Mike Andrews
Michelle Cort
Data Transfer
Katelin Westwood
Steve Owen
Film Consultant
Len Brown
Animation & Motion Graphics
Matthew Jones
Lead Designer
Louis Du Mont
Production Manager
Jon Reidy
Original Animation Illustrations
Sam Green
Animation & Design
Neil Copland
Michael Marczewski
Kooch Chung
Rob Wicksteed
First Camera Assistant
Joseph Mastrangelo
Additional Composer
Jeremy Birchall
Additional Directors of Photography
Charles C. Meyer
David Rom
Additional Editing
Cliff West
Nick Follows
Production Co-ordinators
Teppei Nogaki
Nellie Butler
Molly Crossthwaite
Additional Production Managers
Aneta Chalas
Diana Voxerbrant
Jennifer Filippazzo
Make-Up Artists
Mary Aaron
Marta Camer
Janice Kinigopoulos
Diane Noorlander
Jesse Fisher
Additional Research
Tim Donovan
Gary Graham
Additional First Camera Assistants
Matt Klammer
Jonathan Bowerbank Ralph Messer
Sam Rawlings
James Strosahl
Elaine Andrews
Fred Brett
James Butler
Elena Dementieva
Kate Sweeney
James Toynton
Ajene Washington
Alan Cochran
John Hateley
David LeTendre
Dennis O’Neill
Location Production Assistants
Ajene Washington
Russell Mondy
Don Napoleon
Christopher Sylvain
Conrad Webley
Scot Belsky
Linda Massey
Lisa Mall
Jake Javitch
Production Assistants
Erik Perera
Qasim Arshad
Daniel Johnson-Mathison
Ruben Cruz
Justin R. Sindone
Ashley Wiener
Olivia Humphreys
Katya Nasim
Props Master
Ajene Washington
Stills Photography
John Oakley
Legal Services
Fraser Bloom
Legal Consultancy USA
Oliver Goodenough
Production Accountant
Helen Kellett
Media Insurance Brokers Ltd.
David Johnstone
Archival Footage/Photos Courtesy of
ABC News
AP Archive
BBC Motion Gallery
Susan Bell
CBS News
Clips & Footage
C-Span Archives
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Footage Farm
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Mogwai, "The Precipice", B. Burns. Published by Chrysalis Music Ltd © 2008. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
Nicolas Rahbany
Dean Threadgold
Jay Shepley
Bill Bourne Associates
Super 8 Camera
Jean-Philippe Tremblay
Logo design
Fangohr Design
IT Support
Richard Plastow
Frederic Tremblay
HD Camera Operator
Frank Pirazzi
Additional Production Co-ordinating
Lucia Ashmore
Lucy Duxbury
Lauren Sandler
4K Consultant
Jonathan Tyrrell
RED CAM Digital Support
Brian Byrne
Nate Heartt
Very special thanks to
Craig Aaron
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Jonathan Adelstein
Jess Anscombe
Ed Baker
Arlene S. Balkansky
Amanda Ballantyne
Susan Bell
Eric Black
Noam Chomsky
Kevin Cloutier
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Stephanie Warren
Ian Webb
Richard Weiner
Thank you to the following organisations
Black Agenda Report
Café Oto
Center for Citizen Media
Center for Digital Democracy
Center for Media and Democracy
Center for Public Integrity
Children Now
Code Pink
Consumer Federation of America
Democracy Now!
Dropping Knowledge
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Federal Communications Commission
Free Press
Future of Music Coalition
Hispanic Media Coalition
Media Access Project
Media Alliance
Media and Democracy Coalition
Media Matters
National Conference for Media Reform
Newspaper Guild
NYC Grassroots Media Coalition
One Way Theatre
Parents Television Council
Pavek Museum
Prometheus Radio Project
Rainbow Push Coalition
Reclaim the Media
Sacramento News & Review
Seattle Times
The News Dissector
The Portland Newspapers Printing Press (Portland, ME, USA)
USS Hornet Museum
Zulu Nation (Chicago, IL, USA)

Press notes



Press notes


Film stills

Film stills