We made Shadows Of Liberty because we believe that media is the most powerful entity on earth. The subject remains crucial not only for the state of the media itself but also for all issues facing the U.S. and the world today. Ultimately, the media is the place where we learn about the world. Currently, only a handful of private corporations control the vast majority of the media landscape putting their profits and access to power before all else.

Access to news and information is integral for the betterment of our lives and society. The existing control and monopoly over the media landscape is a detriment to society and it needs to stop. We made this film to foster awareness, inspire change, support independent media, and help promote a media system that is trustworthy and accessible to everyone.

We need your help to maintain the film’s on-line presence & to continue sparking conversation about the film & inspire other filmmakers, activists, and positive change.

Thank you for your support.


DocFactory Team